We Believe.

At St. Andrew, we believe that our faith in Christ is real, practical, and life changing. Anything less is a shadow of what God wants for us. We know this because the God that we serve is the creator of everything that we see and don’t see, sustaining the universe as God works for the redemption of the entire world. 

We believe that this God is Triune-Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – and that God’s defining characteristic is love, as shown most clearly by Jesus’ willingness to die for us on the cross so that we might live with God and one another forever. 

We believe that the Bible reveals the word of God, holy and inspired. The scriptures are authoritative in our lives and tell us all that is necessary for our salvation.

We believe the eternal life God offers begins here and now, which is why a nominal faith is simply unacceptable.

We believe that God desires our transformation so that we can build for the kingdom of God.

Core Values.

Extending Abundant Grace. We accept people right where they are – extending the same grace to others that God extends to us. We are committed to building a culture that forgives others and honors God’s work in them.

Prioritizing Spiritual Health. We are committed to actively assessing and stewarding our spiritual lives in the pursuit of Christlikeness. Similar to how we would track and improve our physical or financial health, we will put our hearts and spiritual health under the advisement of the will of God.

Living with Purpose. We are called to actively live out our faith and express God’s love  in our daily lives. We are a body of believers that seeks to influence our world through service and witness. We are committed to thinking beyond ourselves – finding new ways to make an impact with the love of Christ.

Practicing Extravagant Generosity. As God has richly blessed us, we actively look for opportunities to bless others. We live recognizing Christ as our source, as we wisely and joyfully share what he has given us with others in his name.

Building Strong Families. We desire to be a church that ministers to all ages, supporting the development of healthy families through effective ministry for all life stages. We will actively invest in fostering a multigenerational church that pursues Christ together.

Actively seeking the “One”. It is not about us. We are called into Christ’s body to become a part of the enlisted – those seeking to fulfill Christ’s purpose in seeking to save that which is lost. Jesus said that he would leave the ninety-nine to find the one who is lost. We, as the ninety-nine, join him in that cause by committing to be externally focused and evangelistic.

Our Mission.

At St. Andrew, we are called to lead our community and beyond toward the transforming life that exists in Christ. We are compelled to love and challenge an often self-reliant people that frequently appear Christian from afar, but are seeking true biblical servanthood. We call this tendency in each of us “Christian-ish.” We do this by illuminating the need for salvation, developing spiritual foundations, and building strong God-centered families. We are called to serve by spreading the word of God and doing good works that have great impact for Christ.

In short, at St. Andrew, our mission is:

Calling the “Christian-ish” to become passionate servants of Christ.

Our Ministry Strategy – Worship.  Connect.  Serve.  Give.