Step 1  |  Discern

Consider prayerfully what legacy you would like to leave behind.

How? To help you discern your legacy, meet with your Pastor, discuss your faith legacy, and learn features of the Permanent Endowment Forever Gift.

Click here to download the Permanent Endowment brochure.
Click here to download the Permanent Endowment Pathway brochure.

Step 2  |  Learn

Consider what option might be best for you to make your Forever Gift.

Charitable Bequest
Charitable Gift Annuity

Charitable IRA Rollover

Charitable Lead Trust

Bank or Investment Account

Charitable Remainder Trust
Gifts of Life Insurance

Gifts of Retirement Assets
Gifts of Securities 
Real Estate

Click here to download the Giving Method Comparison sheet.

Step 3  |  Design

Your financial picture is unique, and so is your Forever Gift.

In order to make sure a particular planned gift fits your situation, we suggest that you consult with your professional advisor on how this gift would fit into your plans.

In many cases, like bequests through your will, your advisor will help you write the planned gift into your plans.

Step 4  |  Share

Letting people know amplifies the power of your gift. Share with:

  • your family so that they can witness your commitment beyond your lifetime — and follow your example to plan their own legacy for the future.
  • St. Andrew so that we may thank you properly and ensure your future intentions are honored.

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