5th Grade Letters

SA Students - Mission Trip 2017 With Caption

Spark Tank Projects, 2017

Spark Tank Projects, 2016

•       One of our youth purchased $600 worth of fast food gift cards to distribute to the homeless in our area

•       2 of our men paid to have someone’s air conditioner repaired and purchased groceries for that person (he hadn’t had a working air conditioner in 3 years) and then did that again for an elderly woman without air conditioning that they found out about in the process

•       One of our small groups bought bikes (with locks and helmets) for a  Chinese community in Denton where many people aren’t able to drive to work and school

•       Several of our youth paid for groceries at Aldi for random strangers

•       Several of our members and Sunday School Classes got involved in repairing space at churches and shelters that needed our help with rehabbing unusable or dangerous areas

•       One of our Sunday School classes bought 55 Styrofoam coolers and filled them with ice and cold drinks for the garbage men in their neighborhoods (in August….in Texas!)

•       Our Youth Choir bought new TVs for a Brooklyn, NY nursing home where they performed on tour

•       A group of our children made 30 stuffed animals and wrote encouraging notes for the kids at Hope’s Door shelter

•       6 of our ladies committed to take a birthday cake to 6 different fire stations every month for a year

•       One of our members gave gift cards to a family with a terminally ill child who was out of their home due to storm damage

•       Another of our members enlarged and framed photos of that same child for the family (before Spark Tank ended that summer, the child did unfortunately pass away..but their family had large, beautiful portraits for his memory)

•       Our Youth Mission trip gave each team some money to help the families they served in a variety of ways that they saw fit (for example, buying a gift card for their Wal-Mart cashier…which in turn, helped her pay her own bills)

•       Some of our men paid to repair a food delivery truck that continues to be the livelihood of someone who crossed their path

•       Several of our members helped to pay for medical bills or special medical equipment for people in their communities (or in the next hospital bed!)

•       A group of our youth took a bunch of coin change and went to a laundry mat to help pay for people’s laundry, help them with folding and help entertain their children

•       One of our members purchased steak house gift cards for the police officers who direct our traffic every Sunday

•       One of our members was involved in purchasing a used car for an Army Veteran who was having trouble getting to work

•       One of our small groups paid for a meal for the teachers at Mendenhall Elementary

•       One of our members purchased books for the NICU at Plano Presbyterian Hospital and delivered them

•       One of our families paid for 6 weeks in an extended stay motel for a homeless woman that they had met at church

•       One of our members was talking to her sister (who lives in another state) about Spark Tank and her sister told her about a woman that she worked with who was having trouble paying her bills due to extraordinary health issues in the family, so our church member got involved long distance and paid the woman’s utility bills with the help of Spark Tank funds.

•       Several members helped with back to school supplies for foster kids and for some kids whose school was affected by last springs’ storms

This is only a partial list of the approximately 70 projects that were completed last summer. We hope these give you some inspiration on how to make Spark Tank 2017 even bigger!